Powlett River Primary School

Welcome to Kelly Club Powlett River!

We are excited to be operating Kelly Club at Powlett River Primary School.

Out of School Hours Care – Parent Information

Before School Care Programme - 7.00am - 8.30am

Our Beforecare Programmes offer opportunities for children to choose between a range of art and craft activities, games, Lego, books and free play equipment. Staff will lead a variety of small projects each term. All this leads to preparing children for a busy day of learning.

After School Care Programme  3.15pm - 6.00pm

Our Aftercare Programmes are focused around sports, cooking, art and craft activities as well as structured ‘free-time’ after a busy day at school.

These activities will be incorporated into themed subjects each week that give children the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the school classroom. There will be set time for children to complete homework should they (or their parents) want homework completed before they are collected.

All children on our After School Programmes will be provided with afternoon tea at approximately 3.30pm each day. Afternoon tea will include sandwiches on wholemeal bread, fresh fruit and water. Children that are still on the programme at 5.00pm will be provided with snacks such as muesli bars, crackers, cookies and fresh fruit to keep them going.

Vacation Care Programme 7.00am - 6.00pm

Our holiday programme is focused around sports, arts and crafts, cooking and outings to local
attractions. Our friendly staff are passionate about working with children. They are provided with training on behaviour management techniques, first aid and activity planning/delivery.

Our weekly program is advertised in the school Newsletter.

About Kelly Club

Our goal is to give children opportunities to do the things they love and enjoy in a supportive and encouraging environment. We use a professional programme model and have local people take control of the programme, this means Kelly Club programmes best meet the needs of the local community.

Programmes are focused around sports, cooking, trips, art and craft activities, as well as relaxation time around a busy life at school.

Children are encouraged, educated and entertained during their time on our programmes.

Contact Phone Numbers for Kelly Club

Direct Line:                                         0411 935 665

Head Office:                                        03 9384 2204

Email:                                                  powlettriver@kellycluboshc.com.au

For information on the program please download the following forms, to enrol please complete the enrolment form and return to Kelly Club or alternatively you can enrol online by clicking on the link below

Click here to enrol online into Kelly Club Powlett River Primary School

Click here to download information on Kelly Club Program inc activities, fees etc

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